Rapper Vector Speaks On Collaborating With MI In Future

-Nigerian rapper Vector has told a social media follower that it is highly unlikely that he and his nemesis MI would ever be on a song together.

-Vector and MI have been beefing for a very long time and recently opened up wounds with both rappers dishing out diss records to the other.

-MI in his songs called Vector a snake while Vector labeled his rival “Judas the rat”.

Since their fiery exchanges a few months ago, each rapper has moved on to other things but a fan on social media was curious to know if there was ever a possibility that the two lyrical giants would smoke the peace pipe and do a song together.

The fan wrote:

Baba, will there be plans of you and M.I doing a song together? Please avail mutual fans of you both the eargasm of having their best on a project. 
Vector in response stated that he does not like cunning people, referring to MI and ruled out the possibility of doing a song with him.
Vector replied;
“I don’t like cunning people. It ruins things” 
See the tweet below;

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